How to request a free second hand computer

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PDF, English: Eligibility criteria and procedure as flowchart.

(Update 1.7.2022: Cost-of-living benefit (Allocation Vie Chere) replaces REVIS as eligibility criteria for residents starting 1.7.2022. The procedure for refugees is unchanged. French, Tigrinya, Arabic, Ukrainian  and Farsi version of the PDF will be published soon.)

We distribute second-hand computers to asylum seekers (DPI or beneficiary of temporary protection) and to residents who receive the Cost-of-living benefit (allocation vie chère).

Our computers come with an Operating System already installed and are ready to use. They have at least a core-i3/5/7 generation processor, and run Windows or macOS. They come with a free repair warranty, except for the battery.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Live in Luxembourg
  • Be an adult (18+) (except for MNA’s-unaccompanied minor refugees, see below)
  • Be a DPI;  OR beneficiary of temporary protection; OR receive the Cost-of-living benefit (allocation vie chère)
  • One laptop per household. Desktop possible for other household members 8 + y.o.

To register for a free second-hand computer, please send an email to:

Please include the following 8 mandatory information fields:

  1. Whether you want a desktop, extra household desktop, or laptop. Our desktop computers are more powerful, and the waiting time is much shorter.For desktop & extra household desktop, the possible preferences are:
    • Desktop Computer with a screen of at least 21 inches
    • All-in-one Desktop computer
    • iMac Desktop computer (generally 2 years older than our standard Windows desktops)
    • Desktop Computer with a small screen (17 to 19 inches)

      We cannot guarantee to fulfill this preference, it depends on device availability. If preference not indicated or not available, we give standard devices with MS Windows and a screen of at least 21 inches.

  2. Family name
  3. First name
  4. Current address
  5. Telephone number
  6. E-mail
  7. “Matricule”, social security number (for example 1985052201234)
  8. Attach proof of eligibility files:
    • For asylum seekers (DPIs)
      • A copy of the ONA file (“pink paper”; ONA number must be visible) with a Direction de l’Immigration stamp from less than 12 months old. If your asylum application is cancelled, you do not meet our eligibility criteria and cannot receive a computer.
      • A copy of an “Extrait du Registre national”(maximum 2 months old). You can request it:
        a) by sending an email to, including the following information: full name (as it is written in your ONA document), your “matricule” OR a copy of your passport if you cannot provide the “matricule”).
        OR b) At your communal administration
    • For beneficiaries of temporary protection (as is the case for most people arriving from Ukraine)
      • A picture of the ONA immigration document “attestation de bénéficiaire d’une protection temporaire”
      • A copy of an “Extrait du Registre national” (maximum 2 months old). You can request it:
        a) by sending an email to, including the following information: full name (as it is written in your ONA document), your “matricule” OR a copy of your passport if you cannot provide the “matricule”).
        OR b) At your communal administration
    • For other residents
      • A copy of the Certificate of Cost-of-living benefit (“allocation vie chère”) from the current year (or the Decision Letter if issued on the current year);
      • If the document in the point above does not include the “Matricule” or social security number of your family members, a copy of a “Certificate de résidence elargi” (maximum 12 months old; if your municipality does not issue one under your name, please obtain instead a maximum 3-months old certificate stating that you are not eligible for such kind of certificate)

We reserve the right to ask further documents, if we see necessary. The documentation of our donations guarantees a fair and equal distribution.

Please send complete email applications, this allows us to distribute faster, and help more people!

Additional computer (for households/families)

We only give one laptop to each household, but we also offer “Extra Household Desktop”s to all other household members (aged 8 years or above.)

  • Add ‘extra household desktop’ as the subject of the email application and make a request using the standard procedure described above
  • Every adult in the household other than the one who first applied for a computer from Digital Inclusion can apply in his/her own name
  • A request for an extra household desktop for the minors can be made by any adult in the household. In this case the adult must add another field to his application: 9) The name of the child who would like to receive the computer
  • Only one request can be made at a time. A new request can only be introduced when the computer from the previous request has been collected

Computers for MNA’s

If you are an MNA (an unaccompanied minor – an asylum seeker under 18 without parents in Luxembourg), your social assistant can apply for a free computer for you. Your social assistant must write to and include all the information above.

Repair Warranty

Our computers come with a repair warranty (for the device’s life span, cf. contract), except for the battery. If a repair is needed, consult our repair service. If a repair is not possible we exchange it against a similar model (if available) of the same age (or older, if not available).

Obsoletion Exchange

If a computer becomes obsolete, you may request a new computer if you are still eligible (same criteria, see above). If you think your computer matches our obsoletion criteria, you must contact our repair service that then certifies the obsoletion. After that, you can submit a request for a computer following our standard procedure described above (additionally mentioning ‘obsoletion exchange’ in subject).

Our current (2022) obsoletion criteria: computer is obsolete if CPU is Intel core2-duo or older. (or with AMD K10/Athlon/Athlon II CPU or older)

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