Donate Smartphones and Tablets

If you have smartphones and tablets to donate, email us to

We collect:

  • smartphones and tablets
    • iOS devices minimum iPhone 8
    • android devices from 2019 onward
    • tablets not older than 6 years

 Please remember that the device must work and to reset your device before donating! Otherwise it cannot be upcycled!

How to donate via the Mobile Bag ?

In this solidarity action together with Solina-Aarbechtshëllef and POST, it is possible to donate smartphones all over the country- simply grab a Mobile Bag, reset your phone and put it in, then hand over the Mobile Bag to your mailman or POST Telecom shop!

Find all info on

How can I erase data from my smartphone ?

For detailed instructions, please see manufacturers’ reset guides here:

iPhone/iPad (FR/EN/DE)

Samsung (FR/EN/DE)