The Team

Meet the people behind Digital Inclusion!



Patrick de la Hamette

Anna Szymanska
Project Manager

Lucas Duane

Project Manager

Anna Colavincenzo

Project Manager

Paula Quintela

Assistant Manager


Charles-Jean Lallemand
Project Support

Laura Donjon

Teacher and Administrative Officer


Ellen Salloum 
Teacher and Administrative Officer


Dawit Habteab
Teacher and Administrative Officer


Amjad Issa
IT Officer


Hassan Almohammed
IT Officer


Ahmad Allahham
IT Officer


Ramy Wahbah
Administration, Logistics and Maintenance Officer

Cláudia Monteiro

Vitalii Gogolin
IT Officer

Yevhen Zabudko
IT Officer


Conseil d’Administration

The Conseil d’Administration of the a.s.b.l. Digital Inclusion has the following members:

Gaston Trauffler

Patrick de la Hamette
Secrétaire (President 2016-2022) & Founder

Thierry Königsberger

Marzena Kwiatek


Volunteers at our workshop, installing re-use computers and providing IT support to people who cannot afford it (September 2018)


(Photos by Silicon Luxembourg)

Here are some articles with photo reports showing some of the volunteers that learn & help repair and refurbish computers in our participative workshop:

Silicon Luxembourg (2017)

Wort (2016)