Contribute as a company (or public institution)

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We work together with companies (or public institution), supporting us by donating IT equipment upon renewal (or alternatively sponsoring the purchase of other used devices). 

Currently we look for used laptops (<=10years age), smartphones (<=6 years age) and iPads. If interested, please contact us at

Advantages of donating decommissioned IT equipment (or sponsoring it) to Digital Inclusion:

  • Integral value transfer: 100% of the donated devices get re-distributed to people in need, for free. Unlike other circular economy models, none are resold or replaced by alternative devices. We distribute to a strictly chronological list of applicants, no class participation or any other returns are required. Eligibility for a free device is based on transparent socioeconomic and humanitarian criteria.

    This is possible thank to our non-profit organization (a.s.b.l.) being publicly funded by the Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Labour, covering the cost of our social re-use operations.

  • Highest social and ecological impact in Luxembourg: all of our services are free and are delivered exclusively to people living in Luxembourg. Together with our public partnerships, we ensure local action within Luxembourg with a fully transparent solidarity-circular economy model.
  • Creation of social employment in Luxembourg: currently half of our employees have a refugee background. computers are re-furbished together with volunteers, mostly people without an occupation. Repair skills are taught in different modules in our computer workshop, and if successful, certificates are issued to the participants.
  • Free collection of devices: Digital Inclusion can handle the transport of the devices. All transport costs are covered by us.
  • Data safety: we can take laptops with or without hard drive/SSD, ensuring full data integrity. Digital Inclusion can perform secure data erasing with a certificate, if the company wishes.
  • Free services for people: beneficiaries of free devices are registered and are entitled to free support and repairs.
  • Appropriate usage of devices: we engrave all laptops and smartphones (“ – not for sale”), an ensure replacement with a newer device when a beneficiary returns. This way we want to ensure that devices are not resold and used by the beneficiary.
  • Internal communication opportunities: we provide donation certificates as well as documents on our action that can be used by the company for their CSR report, and for intranet & internet communication. The donations can also be complemented by a collection of private IT devices between employees, letting them participate directly.
  • External communication opportunities: for donations including 20 or more laptops, we can provide social media communication via our page, and/or printed stickers on the devices, naming the donor. The handling is completely covered by Digital Inclusion.
  • Volunteering options for staff: we have experience with employee volunteering, the following has been done successfully in the past with companies that made larger donations of laptops:
    – guided tour of our premises (including the workshop) near Luxembourg-Gare
    – company internal collection of the employees private used e-devices
    – volunteering with an employee team inside Digital Inclusion. This can for example be a hands-on IT workshop for people in need. We provide the audience, communication and an equipped class room.
  • New service: if requested, we can also pick up other IT devices, as a courtesy. These other devices will not be reused nor refurbished in our workshop; instead, we will have them transferred to recycling partners.
  • Insurance: all the devices we give out, including their batteries, are covered by our liability insurance.

Other forms of support: you can sponsor different parts of existing or additional programs, or you can sponsor devices for distribution.

April 2021: Public post on Linkedin by Luxair, following their IT donation.
November 2019: Staff and volunteers celebrating 2000 computers distributed! (by September 2021: more than 3500).
November 2020: Photos of some of the over 200 households receiving a computer for home schooling, during the school lockdown in March-May 2020 / our social media campaign for the total of 2700 computers distributed since 2016.