Sponsor a Laptop or a Smartphone

If you would like to contribute to Digital Inclusion’s mission, but you don’t have any unused computers or smartphones to donate, you can sponsor a second-hand device instead!

By sponsoring a laptop or a smartphone, you are:

  • Giving a person in need the gift of access to the digital world
  • Supporting the social inclusion of someone from a disadvantaged background
  • Taking action for the environment by ensuring the re-use of a device that might otherwise be wasted

Your sponsorship allows us to buy used or broken devices, refurbish them, and distribute them to people in need. This action has the same impact as donating a reusable device, as your sponsorship ensures the re-use of devices that might otherwise lie unused until obsoletion.

If you choose to sponsor a device with us, we will send you a Certificate of Sponsorship.

For those who sponsor 5 or more devices, we will add a “Sponsored By” sticker to each device, with the name of your choice.

For companies who sponsor 30 or more devices, we can provide the above, as well as a photo opportunity and a public Thank You social media post from Digital Inclusion.

Sponsorship types

You can sponsor a laptop for 350 €

You can sponsor a smartphone for 130 €

100% of the sponsorship goes towards buying equipment for donation to people in need. The refurbishment of purchased devices by our workshop for re-use and distribution is funded by our existing programme with the Ministère de la Famille, de l’Intégration et à la Grande Région.

How to sponsor a device

Write to donations@digital-inclusion.lu with your name, your contact phone number, and the number and type of devices you would like to sponsor. Our team will reply with all the details you need to complete your sponsorship.