Digital Inclusion’s smartphone re-use program

 About Digital Inclusion’ smartphone re-use program

Since 2016, Digital Inclusion collects (in addition to computers) used smartphones, repairs them and gives them to people who cannot afford one
, within Luxembourg. In 2022, a total of 271 smartphones were given out to people in need, in Luxembourg.

About the Mobile Bag and Digital Inclusion’s role in it

The Mobile Bag is a solidarity campaign to collect both old mobile phones and recent smartphones, via an envelope that can be given to POST/mailman all over Luxembourg. The project was launched by Caritas in Luxembourg in 2018, in collaboration with Digital Inclusion and POST Luxembourg. Caritas dismantled the old phones in their workshop, while recent smartphones are refurbished by Digital Inclusion. In 2020, Caritas closed their recycling workshop, and Solina-Aarbechtshëllef asbl took over the dismantling of the old phones

In 2022, a second round with a new design was released (Check also its website, together with Solina-Aarbechtshëllef and POST.

How to apply for one of Digital Inclusion’s refurbished smartphones?

The smartphones are given for free, to people in Luxembourg in difficult situations.

Unlike in its computer distribution, people cannot directly request a smartphone with Digital Inclusion.  People in need are identified by Digital Inclusion’s smartphone partner organisations, such as Caritas, Croix Rouge, ONA and the offices sociaux. Based on vouchers we emit in the quantity of available smartphones; these partners send us a recommendation. Soon after, the beneficiary is invited to our premises and receives the smartphone from us.

How can I donate a smartphone?

Besides using the Mobile Bag, you can donate Smartphones (and Laptops) directly to us, on our premises or via a participating recycling center. Click here for details. 

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En plus d’utiliser le Mobile Bag, vous pouvez nous donner des smartphones (et des ordinateurs portables) directement, dans nos locaux ou via un centre de recyclage participant. Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations.

Where to find Mobile Bag’s?

You can find a ‘Mobile Bag’ in different places all over Luxembourg.
A list of places is on the Mobile Bag website:

 I want Mobile Bags and a stand to distribute myself

 If you’d like to also install a stand with mobile bags, we can send you a stand with a pack of Mobile Bags. This could be for your organization, association, or company. Simply contact us at

 For any question related to donating smartphones via the Mobile Bag, you can contact us at For any other questions about the Mobile Bag, please visit its contact page at: (contact)