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Digital Inclusion 2024 Classes Flyer (PDF file, English)

1st steps with computers: Digital Literacy

1st steps with computers (Digital Literacy)

In this class you learn how to get started with a computer. We will teach the basics of computer use, including Windows, email (even to create an account if necessary) and basic Internet services, like finding information online.

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2nd steps with computers: Digital Autonomy

2nd steps with computers (Digital Autonomy)

In this class, you’ll discover the full potential of a computer alongside your smartphone, combining the best of both to simplify your life. You’ll master file and password management using cloud services, and learn how to write professional letters and CVs with AI tools. We’ll also cover video conferencing and online messaging. Our practical sessions are specifically designed to make daily life in Luxembourg easier. This course is also recommended for parents with children in the Luxembourgish public school system. 

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MyGuichet & online services in Luxembourg: Digital Citizenship in Luxembourg

MyGuichet & online services in Luxembourg (Digital Citizenship)

This class introduces you to, the secure interactive platform that simplifies your interactions with the Luxembourgish State. You will learn how to easily access all the information, procedures and services offered by Luxembourg’s public administrations, and how to complete administrative procedures online (e.g., using LuxTrust) using both your computer and your smartphone. The class also teaches safe access to essential online information and services for daily life in Luxembourg, including mobility, banking, health resources, and finding local information on the internet.

This class is available in the following languages:

Smartphone class

1st steps with smartphones

Training and practical support with smartphones.

Digital Inclusion classes are for adults aged 18+. All classes are free.