Get a free computer (used)

We distribute used computers to refugees (DPI or BPI) and to residents who possess a card for social grocery stores (or can otherwise prove that they cannot afford a computer). Our computers are installed and ready to use.  They have at least a dual-core processor and allow to run standard internet and office applications.

To register to the waiting list to obtain a used computer, you have to send an email to:

If you are a MNA (refugee under 18 without parents in Luxembourg), you can apply for a free desktop computer (no laptops). Please send the email to instead. Please note that you need to be under 18 the day of sending your application.

Please indicate:

  • 1) if you want a laptop or desktop computer. Our desktop computers are more powerful, and the waiting time is much shorter
  • 2) name
  • 3) first name
  • 4) current address
  • 5) social security number (blue card)
  • 6) for refugees: residence status & OLAI number (pink paper) / for residents: the expiry date of access card for social grocery stores « Caritas Buttek » and « Red Cross Buttek »

You will receive a confirmation email for the inscription. We treat all the demands in chronological order, we will send an email when your computer is ready. We can only give 1 computer to each family. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old.

  • How do I know I am on the list?

Our system will send you a confirmation by email. If you are unsure, you can send your request email again (please only 1 email), and you will get a confirmation email. Your position in the waiting list is not affected, it is always determined by the first email that includes the needed information.

If you have other questions about the waiting list, you can ask us during our office opening time, only Mondays 14:30-17:30. On other days we cannot answer these questions, except if you have an appointment.