Volunteering in the computer recycling program

Our project’s big output on recycled computers and other devices is only possible thanks to the help of many volunteers who help to check, repair and re-install the computers we get.

We run a computer repair learning program for repair volunteers, who do not need to have any prior IT knowledge. The repair learning program is supervised by our IT Technicians and it is organized around six main learning modules, which cover topics such as computer diagnosis, laptop screen replacement, and operating systems installation. Advanced repair volunteers also teach beginners, and everyone decides how often they want to engage in the workshop. Once a volunteer completes all the learning modules, we will issue a certificate for him/her attesting all the acquired skills.

If you want to learn how to repair computers with a hands-on approach and in a friendly environment, come and join us!

How to register for the computer repair learning program

Volunteering as a teacher

We are always very happy when someone wants to teach courses on a volunteer basis!

Given that our courses are always computer-related, we kindly ask volunteer teachers to have a decent IT knowledge and to propose an IT-related subject to teach. For example, if you are interested in teaching some basic programming skills, please let us know which programming languages and throughout how many sessions. It is also possible to assist upcoming courses, but please let us know which one from our course offer.

If you are interested, contact us!

Other volunteering

We also look for people that help with logistics (especially if you have a car).

You can also help us advertise: spread the word to your friends and to your employer, print our flyer, share our Facebook page

We can also send you posters and paper flyers, simply send us your address.

If you are interested, contact us!