Donate Laptops and more

Donating your devices you no longer use is a great way to participate in our project and help people in need while at the same time improving your ecological footprint!

If you have a device to donate, email us to

We collect:

  • laptop computers, not older than 2007
  • broken laptop computers (e.g. with broken screen), not older than 2011
  • desktop computers, not older than 2012
  • speakers, screens (LCD, 22 inches or larger), keyboards, and mice

Please note:

We do not currently accept printers. 

We cannot accept any device that does not match our criteria.

We protect your privacy:

  • your data will be securely erased from the devices donated – guaranteed 100% data protection

on request:

  • you can keep your computer’s hard drive
  • for laptops we additionally offer to return your hard drive in a USB case (free) which you can connect to your new computer