About Us

Digital Inclusion is an association sans but lucratif founded in February 2016.

Our Goals

1 Make information technology accessible to everybody

  • access to digital communication
  • access to technical equipment
  • promote digital literacy

2 Promote social inclusion through digital technology

  • creative activities around technology between locals and new arrivals
  •  establishing a platform for computer assisted learning

3 Take action for the environment

  • recycle & repair digital equipment


Having encountered many refugees in Luxembourg (e.g. at Wellcome and other events) and abroad, Isabelle and Patrick have seen a high number of competent refugees arriving, motivated to make use of their skills in order to contribute positively to their new homes. Yet, the lack of access to digital equipment, the various language barriers and the foreign cultural environment in Luxembourg presented yet another series of obstacles to be met in the integration process of the refugees.

Isabelle and Patrick

At the end of the year 2015, Patrick and Isabelle decided to take action. On his own initiative, Patrick  started gathering privately computers in order to donate them to refugees. In some cases, he also provided them with internet access at home. Isabelle organised and coordinated the access and distribution of private computers for refugees and provided support for various administrative procedures online.

The demand for access to digital equipment among the refugees was so strong, that in February 2016 we founded Digital Inclusion asbl. Yet, we believe that Digital Inclusion should not be limited to refugees only, but include all vulnerable people living in Luxembourg.

Anna and Aws, Digital Inclusion’s employees

Since summer 2016, Digital Inclusion is supported by the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte as one of the mateneen projects. This allowed us to  cover our material costs and to hire two employees, a project manager and an IT technician. We are partners with Hariko , in the Hariko building we have an office (cf. photo above) along with a class room, storage and our makerspace.