Project 1: New Life for Computers – Computers for New Arrivals

We want to make computers available to people who cannot afford them. Currently we are collecting used laptops and desktop computers, refurbish and distribute them to refugees and other people in Luxembourg; to individuals and to organizations. As a service to the donators, we guarantee secure removal of all existing data as well as an environment friendly reuse of no longer needed resources. In 2016, more than 300 computers were recycled.

Another aim of the project is to get refugees involved with the technical and educational operations, as well as residents who are interested in IT. We meet in weekly workshops, where we all work together on recycling or repairing computers. The workshops are complemented by monthly dinner evenings with our volunteers from many different countries.

Our vision is to continue the project as long as there are people in need for computers they cannot afford.


Project 2: Computer-assisted language learning

We want to enable people to autonomously learn local languages. Together with new arrivals in Luxembourg, we evaluate different computer based language learning media.

In May we started our hands-on workshop in our computer class room. With a growing group of international volunteers, we also plan to extend the workshops to be delivered on different sites in Luxembourg.


Project 3: Euro 2016 public screening

Together with volunteers from our computer workshop, we installed a public screening installation in Luxembourg city. The screening allows everybody to have access to (indoor and French language-) television transmissions of the Euro 2016 soccer games. We will show the games with French language audio, high-definition and using a large projection screen. A first test screening was successfully held on May 28th.

Location: Hariko building, 1, rue Dernier Sol, Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

Everybody is welcome!

proj_install_front    proj_test_run

Project 4: Makerspace

In summer 2016, we installed an extra makerspace room and host weekly workshops. See more on our makerspace section!

Project 5: Public computer access and support

In 2017, we open up our computer room to the public. Everybody is welcome to visit us, e.g. during the ‘Digital Open House‘ on Monday afternoons. Visitors can use our computers (Windows, Linux and Mac systems) and printers, while enjoying support for technical questions by our IT technician.

In March we launch Women@Digital-Inclusion, hosting computer workshops for women.