Building Re-Use

One of fundamental philosophies at Digital Inclusion is the re-use of inactive resources via circular economy principles, such as the re-use of e-devices people have renewed and the skills of people who don’t have full access to the job market.

As the project grew, we needed more space for operations. In our re-use philosophy, we installed the project in different buildings that are to be torn down, and that were unused otherwise. From April 2016 to December 2017, we were located in the basement of the ‘Hariko’ building in Bonnevoie. From January 2018 to February 2019, we occupied a bigger premises in Howald (just next to Bonnevoie). In this 300m2 space, we ran our office (11 employees), our classroom (30 IT stations) and our computer workshop where we re-furbish donated computer hardware for people in need.

All interior walls were built ourselves within social employments, using donated furniture, re-used parts (doors from our previous premises) and re-usable wooden modules (cf. photos).

With our ‘Building Re-Use’ program we managed to keep costs minimal while being at the center of Luxembourg (we serve people in the whole Grand-Duchy, most of them do not own a car), and re-activating a resource that is scarce in central Luxembourg: space.

Digital Inclusions’s 2018 premises in 183, rte de Thionville, Howald
Space use in Howald: offices, classroom and workshops (in yellow: walls we build ourselves with re-usable wood modules)
Wall construction: re-usable wood modules, plus an insulation made from textiles that could not be re-distributed (thanks to our partner Croix-Rouge)
Our classroom: re-used computers, re-used furniture (and our self built re-usable walls, in wood colour)
Our printing&scanning station, built entirely of disposed computers (with our employee Paula Quintela)
All our office infrastructure is made of re-used donations