Digital Inclusion offer for primary and secondary school students

Extraordinary Desktop Computer Distribution for Primary and Secondary School Students in Home Schooling due to Covid-19 prevention measures


Due to:

  • the closure of Luxembourg’s school as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • temporary switch to homework, including digital media
  • our own closure to students and other public visits, and the pause of our regular distribution

On Monday 16 March 2020, Digital Inclusion began an extraordinary program to support households with high school students in need of a computer to do homework. From Tuesday 07 April 2020, this offer has been extended to support students in Primary cycles 3 and 4. While most students own smartphones or tablets, the computer has advantages in many scenarios and thus we also hope to bring more equity for under-equipped households (cf. [1], below).

Due to the special circumstances, we will work with our reserve of refurbished desktop computers and aim to distribute them to students with minimal bureaucracy (our regular distribution includes a sociological interview, introduction classes and more), minimal waiting time, and without physical contact. Like all our services, this service is free, and aimed only at students who cannot access a computer.

Our regular distribution and workshops are put on hold for the first time since we began our project, as a response to the general closure of schools. We vow to continue help to people on our regular waiting list, as soon as the situation permits. As far as the distributed desktop computers are concerned, we expect to renew our supply continuously, as we constantly receive offers for large donations of good desktop computers from our partners in the private and public sector.

Who can apply?

  • The request must be made by a teacher or a social assistant, and be sent from a valid professional address
  • The student must be in primary cycle 3 or 4, secondary school, or full-time vocational studies (formation professionelle or apprentissage) affected by the Covid-19 closures
  • Their family does not have a computer at home, and does not have the means to buy one
  • The family and student must live in Luxembourg

How to apply:

To register a student, a teacher (or social assistant) has to send an email to including the information below.

The email must be sent from a professional account of the teacher or social assistant (e.g.,, ). Other emails are not processed.

Privacy: If the student is under 18, please ask the student’s parent or legal guardian for permission to share the family’s contact data. If the student is 18+, they can give permission themselves. We will only use this data for the stated purpose, and we will not share it with third parties. Our privacy statements can be found here.

The email must contain:

Email subject: Registration

  1. Name of student (and parent, if student is under 18)
  2. CNS number of student
  3. Email address of student (or parent, if student is under 18)
  4. Contact telephone number
  5. Home address
  6. Name of school and class
  7. Operating system used at the student’s school:
    a) Windows 10
    b) Mac OS
    c) No preference

Please note:

  • We are now offering home delivery as standard for all requests.
  • We will provide a mouse, screen, and keyboard with all computers. Keyboards are usually FR or CH.
  • We will not provide laptops, only desktop computers.
  • We cannot provide extra accessories such as speakers, microphones, headphones, or webcams. We advise you to use a smartphone for video calls.
  • This offer is not open to university students.

Emails with complete information are treated in chronological order. We will contact the student/parent as soon as possible, according to our capacities.

Due to the special circumstances, we will do our best to fulfill all eligible requests, but we cannot guarantee delivery, or responses to all questions and emails. We will give general updates via this website. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


If an application is successful, we will contact the student or their parents to arrange distribution. Distribution is handled without physical contact, via home delivery. Delivery is provided in partnership with volunteers from Lions Club Luxembourg Viaduc.

The computers we offer are refurbished desktop computers. They are ready to use with Windows/Mac OS. They are disinfected before distribution. Like all of our computers, they are installed with an Operating System, and ready to use, comparable to a computer bought in the shop.

Other information

Any participation is of course on a voluntary basis. We would like to thank all the teachers and social assistants who help us by identifying students in need.

If you are a student in need that fulfills the requirements, you can forward the link to this page to your teachers. Other students are of course welcome to forward this page to friends who may benefit.

If you want to contact us as a school, institution, company or organization regarding this specific program, or any other covid-19 response related issue, please contact us via

[1] France Culture, 13.3.2020: “Enseignement à distance : “On peut craindre un élargissement des inégalités” dans l’éducation”