There are several ways to contribute

  • New: public computer recycling workshop with Aws and Patrick every first Saturday of each month, 14:00-18:00. If you like working with computers and help us help people in need, come by! Donations can also be dropped off on that day.
    (Next workshop: November 18th, 14:00-18:00 – schedule changed due to website workshop)
  • as a volunteer: we look for people (locals and refugees) who are willing to help with:
    – computing: you can help setup computers or you contribute to the project with our ideas around digital inclusion
    – logistics: you have a car and want to help transporting computers from and to people
    – co-organizing workshops: you want to help bring technology know-how to others
  • donate computer hardware: we collect used laptop computers, see below for details (Please donate only directly to our office employees.)

If you are interested, contact us!


Hardware Donations

Information regarding hardware donations from individuals

We collect:

  • laptop computers, not older than 2005
  • broken laptop computers (e.g. with broken screen), not older than 2010
  • tablet computers, smart phones (also with cracked screens)
  • desktop computers, not older than 2010
  • peripherals, such as screens (LCD, 1280×1024 or higher resolution), keyboards and mice (wired, USB)
  • DVD players and DVD movies (ideally with French audio or subtitles)
  • digital SLR cameras and lenses (‘reflex’. no other cameras).
  • printers: only all-in-one scanner+printer machines, only if 100% functional
  • TV’s: only flat screen televisions
  • active speakers

We protect your privacy:

  • your data will be secure erased
  • on request we remove the hard drive and install it in an USB case for you to keep


  • you can drop off your donation in Luxembourg city (location: 1, Dernier Sol, Luxembourg/Bonnevoie)  You will receive info about the address and opening time via email.

We also seek partnerships with companies for hardware donations. Please contact us for details. Please donate only directly to our office employees.