Website Creation Workshop

Learn how to create websites with WordPress and HTML&CSS and publish your own online website during the course!

When: 07.10, 14.10, 28.10 and 04.11.2017 from 2pm-5pm

Where: 1, Dernier Sol, Luxembourg (basement of ‘Hariko’ building)

Teachers: Pedro Barroso and Christian Brill

Language: English (with support in Arabic)

We will learn:

– the basics of how websites are created with HTML and CSS

– how to successfully and easily create your own pages using WordPress

To see detailed program please check below


This class is not for computer beginners. Basic IT skills are required. You have to participate at all 4 sessions.

Registration: please email to

07.10 – Introduction to HTML + CSS

The participants will learn what websites are made up of and how to create their own with the help of HTML and CSS. Then they will see how this applies to websites all over the Internet and WordPress specifically.

28.10 WordPress 1 – Create a simple website
(NOTE: the initial date of 14.10 had to be cancelled)

On day 2, the participants will be introduced to WordPress a little more in-depth, learning about what it is and to what extent the Internet is made up of it. Together, they will create their first own WordPress websites.

4.11 – WordPress 2 – Plugins

Today the participants will learn about the many plugins of WordPress and how they can make their lives much easier. We will look at different plugins, how to install them, and how to use them properly. Then they can find and use their own plugins.

11.11 – WordPress 3 – Changing WordPress’s CSS

On this last day, we will look at how to manipulate a WordPress theme with the CSS that we learned on the first day to make our WP website a little more flexible.