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Women IT workshop at Digital Inclusion, May 2018



In 2017, Digital Inclusion organized its first women-only workshops, in a partnership with WIDE, and additional support by the US Embassy in Luxembourg.

Below, you find our 2017 offer with WIDE. In 2018, similar subjects will be taught in our women-only classes



(arabic translation below)

Digital Inclusion and WIDE – Women in Digital empowerment would like to invite all women (refugees & locals) interested in computing and digital technology to join Women@Digital-Inclusion!
Our goal is to provide basic and advanced digital skills for all women in Luxembourg.
The project is currently supported by the US Embassy in Luxembourg.

From word processing to web development, the workshops are taking place mostly on Friday afternoons at the premises of Digital Inclusion . The workshops are offered in English, with translation to French and Arabic being available. In addition, the space is open for women every Friday afternoon, including IT support in English and Arabic.

Interested to take part in this project?
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We offer:

  • support in English and Arabic for all computer related questions
  • access to our computers and printers every Friday afternoon 14:00-17:30
  • a safe, supportive and friendly environment, the events are for women only
  • specific computer workshops

Previous workshops: (March to August, 2017)

Info session and first meeting on International Women’s Day (IWD)

On March 8th (International Women Day) we invited to our first workshop: an info session to present our plans but also to ask the women what they would like to do.

Writing a letter in French

During this session we covered the basics conventions to write a letter in French using a word processing software such as Word, Open Office Writer or Google Docs.
The example chosen was writing a formal letter to an administration. We also converted the document to a PDF and wrote a short accompanying email in French.

Writing a letter in English

During this session the participants worked on a cover letter in English to send alongside to a CV to a prospective employer, using a word processing software such as Word.

Writing your CV with Word

We covered the main rules to apply to a job in Luxembourg using English, commonly used in the business world. We covered the main elements such as: personal profile, work experience (or career history), diploma / qualification, languages and IT skills and leisure / hobbies.
We also discussed the picture or no picture question in the CV and how to deal with career gaps in a CV.
We were also introduced to a web based new tool, VisualCV with allow to design CV in a more visual way.

Exploring Luxembourg through the Web: Tips and Tricks

During this workshop we discussed following topics:

– Digital Citizenship – what does it mean?
– useful websites for people who arrive in Luxembourg
– language and geolocation tools
– information on Luxembourg in Social Networks

E-mail : Tips and Tricks

We showed some ways how to use emails more effectively.

Our aim was also familiarization with this tool for digitally illiterate women.

How to look for a job online

During this workshop we reviewed:
Where to find ads ? We reviewed the most used platform for search in Luxembourg. We also mentioned that printed newspapers remains used for recruitment.
We also covered management of personal online presence:
The rise of Linkedin
Facebook do and don’t when looking for a job
Twitter: should I be on Twitter ? How to use it for personal branding ?

Visit to the CID Fraen an Gender

CID Fraen a Gender‘s library

Our group went to visit the headquarters and library of CID Fraen an Gender, a women’s association located in the center of Luxembourg-city. Kathrin Eckhart, the librarian also introduced to a-z.lu, a centralised online tool used by all libraries in Luxembourg and showed us how to look for resources using this system.
At this occasion several of the participants became members of the library and borrow book and CDs.

Summer school: Intro to WordPress

This workshop serves as an introduction to WordPress:
What is WP ? Why is to popular ?
What’s behind a website: domain name, hosting, url, databases and files.
Difference between articles and pages
Explanation on themes, plugins and widget

Summer school: WordPress in practice

A chance to build a first WP website using wordpress.com and working as teams.
How to choose a template, customize a site, create a page, create and manage menu and use the media library.

Summer school: WordPress in action

This time we worked together to build a real website for this project (the website you are reading now, actually), with WordPress of course using a brief given by WIDE.

Summer school: WordPress, finishing touches

Finally we uploaded content to the website and created all the pages.
Our aim was to tell the story of the project and document the workshops, show the world what we did achieve together. Not to forget to back up with a backup plugin !


النساء في Digital-Inclusion

Digital-Inclusion تعمل على نطاق واسع أن المرأة في ديجتال انكلوجن ترغب في دعوة جميع النساء (اللاجئين والسكان المحليين) المهتمات في مجال الحاسبات والتكنولوجيا الرقمية لدورتنا الأولى للمرأة في Digital-Inclusion

شكرا جزيلا لحضوركم  في 10 مارس من في Digital-Inclusion اذا كنتم تريدون الانضمام انتم مرحب بكم


نحن نقدم:

الدعم باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية لجميع الأسئلة المتعلقة بالكمبيوتر

الوصول إلى أجهزة الكمبيوتر والطابعات لدينا في ايام الجمعة من الساعة ال٢ لغاية الساعة ٥ ونصف

بيئة آمنة وداعمة وصديقة، والتجمع هي للنساء فقط

ورش عمل الكمبيوتر محددة

خلال الدورة الأولى، Digital-Inclusion وWIDE تعمل على تقديم لمحة عامة عن أنشطتها وشرح كيفية تقديم المساعدة الملموسة لضمان وصول جميع النساء أجهزة الكمبيوتر وكذلك فرص التعلم في لوكسمبورج.

يمكن أن المتطوعين المهتمين إلى (المشاركة) واستضافة ورش عمل ايضا الاتصال بنا.

إذا كنت امرأة وترغبين في المشاركة، يرجى ارسال تأكيد الى info@digital-inclusion.lu

يمكنك أيضا إحضار أطفالك معك.