The Team

Meet the people behind Digital Inclusion!

Lucas, Shaka, Shamsah, Caroline, Anna, Patrick, Kathleen, Matiwos, Arnika, Aws (left to right)


Anna Szymanska
Project Manager

Aws Al Omar
IT officer

Shamsah Alsaid
Receptionist and Office Assistant

Caroline Lam
Circular Economy Officer

Arnika Koprowska
Circular Economy Officer

Kathleen Lapie
FSE Projet Officer

Lucas Duane
Educational and Communication Officer

Shaka Alsoleman
IT officer

Angela Owekha
House Keeping

Paula Quintela
Administration Officer

Matiwos Michael Brhane
Linguistic Assistant

Ellen Salloum 
Linguistic Assistant

Ramy Wahbah
Logistics and Maintenance Employee


Conseil d’Administration

The 2017 Conseil d’Administration of the a.s.b.l. Digital Inclusion includes the following members:

Patrick de la Hamette
President & Founder

Isabelle Mousset
Vice-Présidente & Founder

Ayham Bawadukji

Tobias Schlottke




(Photos by Silicon Luxembourg)

We are working on a new page to show more of the many volunteers in the project.

Meanwhile we recommend some of the articles with photo reports showing some of our computer recycling volunteers:

Silicon Luxembourg (2017)

Wort (2016)


Previous employees

Andrei  Juraleva
Circular Economy Officer

Dima Naeem
Linguistic Assistant



coming soon