Material and Communication Support for Social and Eco Projects

Material support (free)

We offer for non-profit projects promoting social inclusion or environmental action, including all mateneen and YesWeCare ( projects. (Only for asbl/public sector. ).

What we can offer: (as our capacity allows)

  • desktop computers (used) for use offices and association rooms
  • for training workshops, we can lend larger numbers of computers and a projector
  • used printers
  • used projectors and loudspeakers if available
  • computers can be replaced by Digital Inclusion if they stop working or become obsolete

What we cannot offer (directly):

  • laptops: these we only distribute directly, to people in need. If the participants of the projects are among that population, they (or via their social worker) can directly apply for a (used) laptop via our procedure.
  • desktop computers for home use: as with laptops, those can also be request directly by individuals (or their social worker), via our procedure.
  • other IT services (paid/unpaid)


  • the computers cannot be transferred to other projects or individuals (the project must be able to provide a photo of the material, if asked)
  • at the end of their lifetime they need to be returned to Digital Inclusion (or alternatively, a documented recycling can be arranged)

You can send a request via email to , including the name of your project and association, the contact person, a phone number and a description of the use of the equipment. We will contact you, and if eligible, proceed to arrange a donation.

Communication support (free)

Also, all mateneen and YesWeCare ( projects are invited to advertise their services for people in need to our beneficiaries. If you send us posters advertising your services, we will put them up in our waiting room where all our beneficiaries can see them.

To take advantage of this, please send posters and flyers advertising your service in PDF format to  Please indicate the end date of the offer.