Computer repair and support

We offer free support for both hardware and software problems.

Repairs and support is done in team work: our employees and volunteers teach you hands-on how the problem is solved

Who can benefit:

  • people who received a computer for us (you have to bring the contract and your ID). If the computer cannot be repaired, we replace it by an identical model.
  • refugees, residents with access card for the social grocery stores, or residents receiving REVIS/RMG (please bring proof): if you own your own device, repair and support is possible but excludes you from the free recycled computer program. The computer has to be brought by the owner, and only one computer per person is allowed. If we cannot repair your computer, you may apply for a free computer.

How it works:

  • you can bring the computer on Tuesdays 14:15-17:00.
  • Alternatively you can ask our support for an appointment by email to  with the following
    1-  your social security number
    2- description of the problem
    3- computer from: inclusion or 2. bought by you
    4- social status: dpi, bpi or office social