Computer Recycling: New Life for Computers – Computers for New Arrivals

(quick links: how to get a computer from us / how to donate computers and other electronic materials to us)

We want to make computers available to people who cannot afford them. Currently we are collecting used laptops and desktop computers, refurbish and distribute them to refugees and other people in Luxembourg; to individuals and to organizations. As a service to the donators, we guarantee secure removal of all existing data as well as an environment friendly reuse of no longer needed resources. In 2016, more than 300 computers were recycled. As of August 2017, more than 800 have been recycled!

Another aim of the project is to get refugees involved with the technical and educational operations around the recycling process, as well as residents who are interested in IT. We meet in weekly workshops, where we all work together on recycling or repairing computers. The workshops are complemented by monthly dinner evenings with our volunteers from many different countries.

Our vision is to continue the project as long as there are people in need for computers they cannot afford.